Guides to Pet Menagerie Fights

In Warlords of Draenor expansion you are able to build and upgrade your very own garrison in Draenor. With your garrison at level 3 and character level 100 you can unlock the Pet Menagerie and then fight versus pet teams, tamers and boss pets for a daily currency reward. The currency is used to buy various things for your pets from the Menagerie vendor (XP buff food, battle stones, hats etc.).

In this list you find all 15 known fights and the three pets you have to beat to get access to the building with links to detailed informations how I managed to defeat the opponents:


- Blingtron 4999b, Protectron 022481, Protectron 011803- Brutus & Rukus
- Deebs, Tyri & Puzzle- Eleanor
- Grubbles, Scrags & Stings- Jahan, Samm & Archimedes
- King Floret & Queen Floret- Kromli & Gromli
- Manos, Hanos, and Fatos- Mr. Terrible, Carroteye, Sloppus
- Quintessence of Light- Rockbiter, Stonechewer & Acidtooth
- Stitches Jr.- The Beakinator
- Tirs & Fiero
- Carrotus Maximus- Gnawface
- Gorefu