Kromli & Gromli (Pet Menagerie #01)

Kromli and Gromli are two humanoid Gronnlings who team up to battle your pets in the Menagerie. Both are using hard hits and based on their Healthpools (2.6k/2.3k) they heal around 100 Hitpoints each round they did damage. They have no boss passive right now so your pets deal normal damage. Kromli has a breath attack against your whole team and Gromli always reapplies his Stoneskin buff first when it has faded. They are challenging but the usage of their skills is quite predictable, so you can easily take advantage by avoiding attacks for instance.

Because it’s so easy to get, I already use Zomstrok in my team and I wanted the humanoid passive to reduce the damage of Kromli’s Comeback attacks when his Life goes low. So I ended up with the Anubisath Idol who can protect the team from the Breaths and also weakens  Comeback and with Deflection you can avoid the big hits easily. With Rot from Zomstrok I ended up with critter attacks on my third pet.


  1. Anubisath Idol ( 1 , 1 , 1 )
  2. Zomstrok ( 1 , 2 , 2 )
  3. Summit Kid  ( 2 , 2 , 2 )


Kromli will always use Rupture when it’s ready, so this wil be his opener to the battle. You avoid it with Deflection and then use Sandstorm to weaken the 1-3 Dreadful Breaths on your team. With other pets this could be faster (depending on crits and misses this can take around 20 rounds) but until your Idol dies your order of priority is: Deflection when Kromlin can use Rupture > refresh Sandstorm > Crush as a filler.

If Kromli diese before your Idol there’s a slightly change in the priority: Deflection when Gromli has Stoneskin buff active and Haymaker ready >  Crush as a filler (I don’t think it would be a great idea to use Sandstorm shortly before Idol’s death and increase the chance to miss for your teammate too). Next pet is Zomstrok, if the first action against your pet will be Haymaker use Infected Claw, if Haymaker missed then use Toxic skin and spam Infected Claw until you die but make sure your Undead etxtra round is for Rot! If your Summt Kid comes into fight with a long duration of Stoneskin left on Gromli… be patient. Use your hen Claw until he dies. If Gromli is still alive an you have to use Blighthawk then you have to be aware of his cooldowns again. do the follo

omlin can use Rupture > refresh Sandstorm > Crush as filler.availabledefelct every Rubture, refresh ‘ll try to keep this as short as possible since I’m sure my long-winded recounts of these daily challenges is getting annoying. :oops:

It’s a decent challenge. Both pets hit hard and their humanoid passive heals them for a notable amount. Kind of predictable since both use their hardest hitting abilities as you would expect them to.

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