Pet Battle Changes in Beta Builds 18888/18898

Yesterday and again today Blizzard deployed new builds to the Beta servers and more interesting, new or changed stuff for Pet Battlers:


  • Finally tons of wild pets were added to Draenor and when you start a pet battle in the wild you will now fight teams of 3 level 25 pets like in Pandaria (with the exception of Frostfire Ridge, there you’ll find Level 20 teams since build 18922), the 1 pet thing was a placeholder 😉 Gotta catch ’em all!
  • It looks like in the Level 2 Menagerie the NPCs offer Scrappin’ (Horde) and Battle Pet Roundup (Alliance) for every character. They will reward you with 8 Pet Charms and the former accountwide daily Mastering the Menagerie has changed to a character specific one (Mastering the Menagerie) and replaces these quests when you upgrade to Level 3. The reward is a Big Bag of Pet Supplies with 8 Pet Charms inside and maybe more. For all three quests you have to beat the pet(s) in the Menagerie battle area, so no double reward for defeating Grand Master Pet Tamers anymore.
  • Not sure it was added this build, but the quest log now shows specific icons for accountwide dailys.
  • Lio the Lioness and Serr’ah now offer two ways to obtain Training Stones… a bag with random ones in exchange for two Pet Charms or non specific Training Stones for 3 Pet Charms each. So it’s your decision to spend less charms and rng on the pet family. I have to check, if this bag can contain more than one stone.

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