WoD Beta – “Hotfix” and Daily Tamer Check

Fix for Architect Table

In Build 18764 most players can’t use the Architect Table in their garrison due to bugs. Someone posted a macro in the US forums what brings back most of tables functions so at least you can build, replace or upgrade something:


/run local _,bi = GetBuildInfo(); if bi == “18764” then GARRISON_BUILDING_FOLLOWER_WORKING=”%s”; GARRISON_BUILDING_FOLLOWER_EMPTY=”No follower”; print(“Garrison follower tooltip hack applied”) end


Daily Global Check – File for Pet Dailys

I made a custom list for Daily Global Check to track what tamer dailys I’ve already completed. You need to install Daily Global Check to your Beta folder first and open the file “..\Interface\AddOns\DailyGlobalCheck\DailyGlobalCheck.toc” in notepad to change version number in line “## Interface: 54000” to 60000 to work with the Beta.

Now find folder “..\WTF\Account\100113445#3\SavedVariables\..” and insert the file from this archive there:

DailyGlobalCheck.lua RAR-File

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