Patch 8.2 Notes related to Pet Battle

– In Build (May 1st) we see 3 new achievements added for pet battles:

– In Build (April 23rd) we’ve seen more than the usual battle pet additions datamined. Instead, we had the stages and achievement incl. reward for completing the normal version of Stratholme pet battle dungeon. So here we go…

New Pet Battle Dungeon Stratholme:

  • Pet Battle Challenge: Stratholme   Complete the Pet Battle Challenge in Stratholme
    Reward: Evil Wizard Hat The Evil Wizard Hat will learn you the battle pet Minimancer, in earlier builds it was called D1ZZ-E, so maybe the model (right now one of the new mechs) and abilities (12 are listed on wowhead, but these include all of the RWL6 reward pet Happiness) will see a revamp to match the undead Stratholme scenario and not Mechagon setting. (in the journal it’s now a skeleton gnome with hat)

Scenario Stages:

  • Stage 1: Did That Just Come Out of its Mouth?
    Defeat the Belchling that was “created” by the Sludge Belcher
  • Stage 2: It Just Wants to Play!
    Defeat the Sludge Belcher.
  • Stage 3: Scary Ghosts and Creepy Fiends
    Defeat the Wandering Phantasm and Crypt Fiend guarding the Ziggaraut.
  • Stage 4: Tormented Spirits
    Defeat Liz the Tormentor
  • Stage 5: Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts
    Proceed further towards Slaughter Square.
  • Stage 6: Ambush!
    Defeat the plagued critters!
  • Stage 7: No Shortage of Dead Things
    Defeat the Risen Guard.
  • Stage 8: Tiny In Size, Brimming With Evil
    The shortest necromancer you’ve ever seen is in your way, stop him!
  • Stage 9: Controlled Chaos
    Control the Sludge Belcher and clear out the courtyard!
  • Stage 10: Into the Slaughter House!
    Enter the slaughter house and face your final foes!
  • Stage 11: The Shadows Return
    The Shadowy Figures are back! This can’t be good.

Unfortunately there was no starting quest to go to Stratholme and no NPC in front of one of the entrances so we could not test it right away.

Zone Achievements:

At least 20 boss pet fights expected reading the two new achievements coming in 8.2

The 8 mechanized minions on Mechagon Island are ready for battle and felt nearly finished (unique icons, quest starter drops on first defeat etc., each one has one empowered version of a known pet ability but right now they don’t use all of them properly) and it looks like some (or maybe all?) of them are tied to new pet battle world quests on Mechagon Island.

Grim Batol:

– New purple colored Twilight Whelplings are surrounding the Grim Batol area. Some of them are ready to be captured in wild pet battles. If you capture the first one you should get a quest starter. I’ve got 2 items on my first capture and (usually one of the rewards from Island Expeditions that you turn in near Grim Batol I think) but only one quest popped up named Trying to use the Battered Scale I’ve got errors saying I completed the quest… idk this should be repeatable afaik.

– Battling the Twilight Whelplings sometimes lead to their names missing on top of the UI, but it’s not always the case.

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