Patch 8.1 – Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon


Where does it start?

In Dazar’alors “Hall of Beasts” Radek Fuselock will offer the quest to players at level 120 and we’ll meet Manapoof again (for Alliance it’s Tizzy Gearjolt at Boralus’ “Ruff Waters” with her own version of Manapoof). As usual, on our first run, we have to reach that destination without Manapoof’s teleport.

Horde players who don’t wanna die by entering Gnomeregan via Dun Morogh head to Grom’gol in Stranglethorn Vale and use the teleporter to Gnomeregan dungeon. You can’t leave through the dungeon entrance (you will get teleported back to Grom’gol this way), so you have to invite someone to a group and then leave it. You will get teleported out of the dungeon to the next graveyard and this right next to  Environeer Bert’s pet battle and your destination NPC Micro Zoox.


Not only is Micro Zoox the guy that takes you into the scenario, he’s also a vendor and will offer these items in exchange for the new Pristine Gizmo tokens rewarded by completing the challenge version of the Gnomeregan pet battle dungeon:  (1x Pristine Gizmo)  (1x Pristine Gizmo)  (1x Pristine Gizmo)  (2x Pristine Gizmo)  (3x Pristine Gizmo)

Before you can enter the challenge mode you have to finish the normal pet battle dungeon to complete the quest Gnomeregan’s New Guardians. When it’s done you will learn and receive 1x

When you manage to complete the challenge version (healing & reviving pets between fights is inactive) for Pet Battle Challenge: Gnomeregan you achieve and receive the battle pet.


Dungeon Details

Stage 1 – Automated Defenses

Prototype Annoy-O-Tron (,,

Some AoE damage coming from but the more interesting thing is his being a priority move (modifier 500) which boosts his speed to 17780 and makes it hard to not have it up 2 turns.

Stage 2 – Out of Control Elementals

A) Living Permafrost (,,

B) Living Sludge (,,

C) Living Napalm (,,

Each elemental will have two rare random teammates chosen from this list (it’s possible you’ll see two of them):

Leper Rat (,,
Cockroach (,,
Automated Spider Tank (,,
Autonomous Omni Chopper (,,
Automated Drilling Machine (,,
Gnomish Rocket Chicken (,,
Accelerated Defrosting Unit (,,

Stage 3 – Pull the Correct Levers

Using the Door Control Console will start the pet battle against a team of these Elementals (!)

Ultra Safe Napalm Carrier (
Sludge Disposal Unit (,,
Freeze Ray Robot Prototype (,,

Stage 4 – Bypass the Minefield

Actually no pet battles, you have to make it to the end of a hallway full of bomb bots and you can ride the Bomb Stomper 5000 to manage that (I assume you are about to die to explosions if you don’t).

Stage 5 – Resilient Critters

A) Cockroach (,,

B) Leper Rat (,,

Again these two opponents are accompanied by random picks of the list shown in Stage 2 section.

Stage 6 – You Dirty Rat

Bloated Leper Rat (,,

Has the and passive. This boss pet is Undead so for the challenge mode, there’s a chance to bring in a third pet you won’t need for the remaining fights to have it killed when the enemy finally dies and triggers at the end of the rats Undead extra turn.

Stage 7 – Gnomeregan Defense Force, Activate!

A) Gnomeregan Guard Wolf (,,

B) Gnomeregan Guard Tiger (,,

C) Gnomeregan Guard Mechanostrider (,,

And for the last time in this dungeon, all 3 pets are accompanied by random picks of the list shown in Stage 2 section.

Stage 8 – Shadowy Figure


Final Stage – Thermaplugg’s Latest Invention

Pulverizer Bot Mk 6001 (,,

Has the and passive. When we triggered and it died, Pulverizer will resurrect once again (so technically a second Failsafe but healing to full this time) and replaces the Rebuilder passive with so you’ll suffer extra damage by a coolant system leak for the next 50 turns. will force swap your lowest HP pet into battle. is a multiple hit attack that people often weaken by using flat damage reduction abilities. In combat log, this attack first removes those buffs before the damage of the multi-hits is listed. I guess it’s not only to prevent people from weakening this barrage ability… with all the stuff going “wrong” on damage on shields calculations I assume it’s the only way to get to work nearly as intended.


Additional Notes:

  • Because there are 3 stages with 8 fights in total, where (not so easy) random pets fill the enemy lines, I recommend taking a sneak preview of the enemy team and then Forfeit before you build your final team. Unfortunately, your pets lose 10% hitpoints while doing this so at least in the challenge version I’d use a special team of unnecessary pets for this cause.
  • The random picks for the teams mentioned above only happen once you start the dungeon and when you defeated the first pet but not the whole team.
  • No idea why, but on PTR you could repeat some of the fights. Be careful to not accidentally do this in the challenge.
  • As usual you can’t return to the normal version when you defeat the challenge mode. If you wanna try stuff without the restrictions of the challenge mode don’t turn in Gnomeregan’s New Guardians, abandon it and start fresh.
  • You can do Pet Battle Challenge: Gnomeregan only once per week & account. But you don’t need your engineer to do it for The tokens are acount-bound so you can easily transfer one to your engineer to buy the schematic and craft Mechantula.


  • I’m playing Normal Mode all the time to have the option to return to the dungeon whenever I want. Two times I’ve deafeated the Door Control Console pet battle (Stage 3) but the gate didn’t open so I got stuck in Stage 4 cause I could not get into the tunnel.
  • Looks like there’s no way to leave the dungeon in Stage 2. No “Leave Instance Group” option on my character  and no NPC/teleport to get me out.

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