Quintessence of Light (Pet Menagerie #06)

Today another new oppenent appeared in the Menagerie, i really like the look of this fiery female Draenei riding a Firewing birdie šŸ˜‰

You will fight the bird alone, it has no boss passiveĀ  active, 3006HP and hard hitting Fire Quills with extra attacks caused by it’s high speed even after losing the 50% bonus from being a flying creature. Cauterize is a strong heal and Heat Up a painful 3 round “thornshield” triggered by direct attacks. All damage from Quintessence of Light is elemental damage so I didn’t even care about using mechanical pets. He is weak against critters, other people did well with Snail teams. I wanted do avoid using to much direct damage end ended up with this DoT-Team:

  1. Infected Squirrel ( 1 , 2 , 2 )
  2. Jade Oozeling ( 1 , 1 , 2 ) H/H preferred
  3. Viscidus Globule ( 1 , 2 , 2 )

Squirrel starts with one Diseased Bite, puts Creeping Fungus on the opponent and should now sacrifice itself with Corpse Explosion. I’ve seen three different situations in this phase of the battle and you will react as follows:

  1. Corpse Explosion hits, Squirrel survives Heat Up damage and is now instantly dead from the Explosion effect without the undead passive being activated -> swap Oozeling
  2. Corpse Explosion hits, Squirrel dies from Heat Up damage and the Explosion effect misses because the undead passive is being activated -> Refresh Fungus -> Swap Oozeling
  3. Squirrel dies from critical Fire Quills before he could use Corpse Explosion, undead passive is being activated -> Explode in your extra round -> Swap Oozeling

The Oozeling uses Acidic Goo and Corrosion, Quintessence has four DoTs now and takes 25% increased damage, so Ooze Touch it to death with your remaining pets.

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