My 2.222 cents on Battle Pets and related stuff in Battle for Azeroth Beta (incl. bug reports)


  • Maximum battle pet level won’t be changed and we know the reasons, so I’m looking forward to see what they have in store to keep us pet battlers/collectors interested.
  • Expectation (regarding to tweets by Jeremy Feasel) is that BfA will have a bigger number of initial obtainable battle pets than we’ve seen in August 2016 when Legion launched.
  • Pet Charm will be renamed to Shiny Pet Charm and a new currency Polished Pet Charm will be introduced. You’ll need the new currency to buy “always useful items” like training stones, pet XP food etc. Even old vendors will see that currency change. BfA purchases need Polished Pet Charms, pre-BFA stuff will still be available for Shiny Pet Charms at the old vendors and you’ll get them from pre-BfA pet battle content.
    The Pocket Pet Portal will no longer be tied to Legion WQs only, there’s a second option to purchase it for the 1000 Polished Pet Charms (they don’t want to force players do go back and do Legion pet battle WQs to increase the number of collectible pets to 1500).

World Quests:

  • They have 24 pet battle WQs ready for launch, 4 of them in each of the 6 new zones on Zandalar and Kul Tiras.
  • We’ve heard they’ll try to use the scaling mechanic of Crysa and Environeer Bert more often and they deliver! For 19 of these WQs (the ones including a tamer/trainer NPC) the enemy pets scale with the highest pet level in your team and only use the appropirate number of abilities.
  • The other 5 WQs are tied to special pets, some of them still solo, others supported by random teammates picked from the zone the WQ is in.

Pet Battle Hub

  • Can’t tell what’s on alliance side but there’s an area in Dazar’alor that has lots of NPCs and old battle pets running/standing there. We have Pet Supplies, the Hall of Beasts and a challenge post to speculate about (so far it’s always starting the Mr. Terrible encounter we know from the garrison menagerie).

Pet Battle Dungeon

  • No info/confirmation about a new dungeon for BfA launch, but as far as I remember they said it was a success and still love the idea of adding more.


Recommendations for Live Servers / What to do before BfA launches:

  • If you are hoarding Pet Charms and feel like you’ll need training/rarity stones for all the new pets coming in BfA… don’t forget to fill your bags with them before BfA PrePatch launches!
  • On the other side: There are no plans for a conversion, this also means people doing BfA content only won’t get Shiny Pet Charms to buy old pets. So there’s a small chance to make some money with Shiny Pet Charms you keep 😉
  • Usually at the end of an expansion there’s not that much to do on live servers, so if you are not even near the 400 toys… get it started! 😀

Recommendations for Beta Servers:

  • Bring enough time for WQ pet battles. If you are very close to the end of their uptime, you can continue and win the battle but you won’t get the WQ reward or achievement progress if the battle takes too long.
  • If you get quest reward items that teach you battle pets that can not be caged again (like Dart), better not use them until you’ve done the account data copy when it’s available. This will usually replace existing pet/mount collections on test servers with the ones from live servers.


Bugs, misleading tooltips & whatever looks wrong in the Beta pet battles


  • Up to build most WQs on Kul Tiras (for my horde character) don’t show more than 1-2sec on the map and when I see these being active and go there, the NPCs have no option to start the battle (not even in the 2sec when I can see their WQ on map)
  • Afaik WQs are on 3 different timers, and I remember that players didn’t like that for the Suramar City tamers.
  • I have completed 15 WQs for but I’m sure that didn’t happen with level 25 pets only, because I didn’t have enough of them. Maybe something to look into.
  • Up to build all pet battle WQs reward Legion stuff (incl. Order Hall resources, now poor AP tokens etc. only thing changed are Shiny Pet Charms)
  • Up to build BfA wild pets usually have no abilities and are single pet fights, so capturing them is ultra-easy, unfortunately they are of no use for you too without abilities. So best idea is t cage them and wait for their abilities to be added.



  • What’s the intended name of this one? Chitara or Chitana? (some tooltips have Chitana in them)
  • Reading the Unbreakable Shell tooltip and the ones from the weakened shell “layers” my understanding was that my pets need 1 hit per layer, so 5 hits to make Chitara vulnerable, but that’s not what happens instead…
  • It looks like the shell is supposed to take 5 hits on the first layer, then 4 hits on the second, 3 hits on the third etc. So we’ll need 15 (blocked) hits to finally apply Broken Shell and being able to do damage!
  • Broken Shell tooltip is wrong, numbers are percent, so our pets do 250% more damage and Chitara 100% more.
  • First it looked like Blistering Cold and Make it Rain don’t work because they’re not applied to enemy team when blocked but digging deeper they do work, when you removed the first layer of the shell. Hmm.
  • Even if we never attack Chitara or weaken the shell enough, Chitara can kill itself if our pets use damage reflect shields like


  • Jammer ist a beast so gets 25% extra damage from racial plus 100% from Docile -> Rage of the Direhorn but I could kill her with level 14s because her standard damage is really low. Even though she despawns wehen defeated and respawn took ~7min, that’s awful if multiple people want to do the WQ (unsure if more than one player can start the fight right now)
  • Jammer has 2 random BfA wild pets as teammates since build, still has Docile passive but rage of the Direhorn doesn’t trigger at first damage taken. Instead it looks like Docile needs two triggers… health<100% and Jammer attack’s doing damage. And the 7min despawn still happens on each Jammer kill, even when you didn’t complete the world quest because you couldn’t kill the to random teammates.


  • Bloodtusk 2642HP P218 S273: 44-74 starting aquatic damage incr. by 119 per usage. What I’ve senn: 44, 219?, 361?, 326?, Beast Racial, 762, 625, 849, 843, Kill 50% speed boost to 409 (correct) but damage is increased by 25% for 5 rounds, not power (stat, still 218), 1573 (!) Kill, speed and damage boost refreshed, but not stacking, 1570
  • Despawn/Respawn issue of Jammer is happing to Spineleaf and Bloodtusk too, Chitara seems to not being effected.
  • Random teammates are removed in


  • Since Spineleaf is supported by 2 random wild pets there’s a small problem than can lead to big trouble: Disruptive Spores is active on the whole enemy team and doesn’t disappear on Spineleaf’s defeat. So your abilities will see the 6 rounds cooldown all the time, that can make this encounter hard if you face some strong random pets of rare quality (Dive & Shell Armor Hermit Crabs lough at me) and forces you to use muti-turn abilities more than it did when Spineleaf was alone.
  • Spineleaf despawns for 7min on a defeat. If you couldn’t kill the teammates, you have to wait that long to try again (and I think every other player too, haven’t had a chance to check what other people can do when I start one of these encounters).


  • First pet Beets uses a Sandstorm on cooldown which reduces damage taken by up to 73. This effects Beets’ own Stampede ability, meaning all hits are blocked so it’s completely wasted and should be replaced by something useful.

Fizzie Sparkwhistle:

  • Haven’t noticed this before, but when I had her as target and accidently casted a spell she got hostile and I had to kill her. Took ~8min to respawn (even longer than Jammer etc.) and if this goes live, people can kill her and maybe more trainers to block other players from doing the WQ.


  • Looks like last pet Squeezer uses the Pinch ability only when it’s HP is somwhere over 95% (vs. level 25 pets) maybe there’s something wrong with the triggers for this scaling fight. Vs. level 1 it’s the only ability and being spammed, vs. Level 2-3 there’s Bubble with a long CD so it’s also used more frequently.

Dilbert McClint:

  • Looks like first pet is broken vs. level 4+ teams (maybe priority reasons from scaling tech?) sometimes does nothing for multiple turns, especially no Blindig Poison. Watching the 2nd pet only throw webs its possible that the first pet only uses 1st ability because 2nd has a cooldown. 3rd pet uses all abilities, but maybe because #2 Huge Fang and #3 Feed have cooldowns and sometimes there is nothing else.

Delia Hanako:

  • Fungus (Delia Hanako pet#1) uses Toxic Bite which applies Toxic Bite (add X damage to each DoT effect doing damage), to benefit of that it also uses Poison Fang and Poison Spit which both apply Poisoned (3 or 5 turns) what does elemental damage, so here’s an example vs. mech-pets: 110 additional damage added to 118 effective/strong elemental damage of poisoned results in 228 damage? no it says poisoned does 285 strong damage, so it looks like the 110 first sees the racial multiplier 110 x 1.5 and then is added to 118 poisoned = 283. Opposite happens to critters: 110 * 0,66 added to 52 weak damage of Poisoned = 125 is that how you’d read the tooltips… I say no, getting tired of this.
  • Karaga’s team uses the lizard puppy icon for Lazy and Spokes, Spokes should get something different because it’s one of these arachnid flyers.
  • And Karagas Lazy is using a combination of Rip to apply a Bleeding beast damage DoT and Toxic Bite for the additional damage to that bleeding. And again, the additonal damage is multiplied with the racial first and then added, which results in strange (compared to tooltips of the single debuffs) damage numbers vs. critters and flyers.
  • Another thing that happens vs. Karagas team: Lazy applies the Toxic Bite to buff DoTs, then applies Bleeding with Rip and then spams Bite… And beside the racial issues this works fine, when you damage it to trigger beast passive, this buffed DoT does 25% more damage even without being applied again (speaking of reapplying Dots with buffs active elsewhise getting the unbuffed numbers from first application) and now the really weird stuff happens… if Lazy dies, Spokes comes in now and Toxic Bite and Bleeding are still active on your pet, the DoTs still do damage as if beast passive is up.
  • Why is Zujai’s first pet Scales a critter when it’s obviously a snake with mostly beast attacks?
  • Same thing on Talia Sparkbrow, why is the spider Eigthy Eight a critter?
  • Zujai’s battle sometimes is also effected by the actual bug when fighting frogs, it abruptly ends for whatever reason.
  • With all that we’ve seen on Pet Revive timer… what about an option to reduce the 8min by maybe 60sec when winning a pet battle or the other way to help people continuing when losing (of course not forfeiting, maybe limit it to battles that took at least 30-60sec) battles.
  • Delia Hanako was moved a few yards into the shallow water, we still can start the battle, but that water is deep enough that it looks like all pets are about to drown 😉
  • Kusa Pet#1 Beets seems to prioritize having Sandstorm active, but then follows with a Stampede, that is completely blocked by this Sandstorm’s damage reduce… maybe not the best idea
  • Keeyo (Vol’dun): Buzzbeak uses Feed without being damaged (Hawk Eye turn1, feed turn2) … not that smart. Tikka’s Dust Cloud is applied very quiet… maybe we get a sound effect for this ability? Tikka’s Beast passive will effect the DoT damage of Toxic Bite + Bleeding (from Rip) even when it’s dead, same thing we’ve seen on Karaga’s Lazy.

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