Eleanor (Pet Menagerie #03)

Eleanor is a undead goat you can challenge in your Pet Menagerie. She appears in Level 23 to 25 versions and has the boss passive active. Her Unnatural Appetite is a massive selfheal on every damage she deals and she uses Rot so your pets may take damage like undead and of course… she has a critter attack to take advantage of that 😉

To be honest… I took a look at her abilites first, tried Swarm Abilities buffed by Black Claw in my first attempt and in the second an aquatic team with critter attacks and something to avoid the ultra strong damage from her Death Bleat charge in round 2, but ended up with standards… Howl Bomb.


  1. Unborn Val’kyr ( ? , 2 , 2 )
  2. Pandaren Water Spirit ( 1 , 2 , 2 )
  3. Chrominius ( 2 , 1 , 2 )


Most of you know it already… we are using pets with effects that do damage after a certain period of rounds and stack them to explode in one round on an opponent with Shattered Defenses. Because the Val’kyr will die in round 2 you can use your abilities as follows:

  1. Slot 1 attack
  2. Unholy Ascension (Val’kyr dies)
  3. Curse of Doom (swap Pandaren Spirit)
  4. Geysir
  5. Whirlpool
  6. Swap Chrominius
  7. Howl
  8. Pass or Surge of Power (Eleanor is stunned in her undead extra round)

I think this will also work with stronger versions (by level) of Eleanor if they exist, the increased Lifepool will allow the debuffs to to more damage because the boss passive is based on percentage.


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